Delusional thoughts for the morbid mind...

SlEeP iS fOr ThE dEaD..

7 March 1986
Sometimes I feel very empty. There are just not enough people to talk out problems to. This journal is only going to be a way for me to get some things out. To express myself so-to-speak. Sometimes I can't get everything off my chest by actions or music, so I must write.. I am not sure how well this will turn out or if anyone will read this. We will see. I am a current special effects student at a local art school downtown. I work and go to school all day and come home late at night. The only time I get time to myself is late at night so I tend to sleep less these days. Hence the name.. Well, what else is there to say but, if there are people out there reading, good luck. Maybe you can make sense out of this endless rambling..